Live Burn Training Trailer
Site Requirements:
A minimum site of 150’ x 100’ is
strongly recommended. A level
area of 65’x 30’ within the overall
area is required.
The site should be stable and
support the drainage of water.
Vegetation and other possible
combustibles should be clear of the
Adequate water supply (tankers if
Restrooms, rehab area, first aid
equipment, and SCBA filling
capability (portable cascade if
Firefighter Prerequisites:
All trainees should have the
minimum classroom training set
forth by NFPA
Be clean shaven
Have all up to date medical and
SCBA fit tests as required.
Be an active member of the
participating department with
Chiefs approval
Sign all release forms as necessary.
Complete the preburn brief, and the
safety walk thru prior to training
View the Cherryfield Fire
Department pre-training Power
Point training