Cherryfield Fire Department
Cherryfield, Maine 04622
"The Blueberry Capital of the World"
Cherryfield receives new truck
On March 3, the Cherryfield fire department received a new Fire truck, Engine
423. The 2013 E-One was ordered last fall after a special town meeting
approved the funding. The members of the department have been working on
the specifications for well over a year. After assessing the current apparatus
and reviewing the previous few years’ calls the department noted a few issues.
First was the age of our second line equipment, a 1972 Ward LeFrance 750
GPM pumper and a 1978 1500 gal home built tanker,  both trucks were still in
use but did not meet current NFPA regulation.  The second deficiency the
department noted was a lack of adequate water supply when the department
first arrives on the scene of a working fire.  After reviewing all of the information
the decision was made to spec a “Pumper-Tanker”. The new truck would be
capable of conducting the same job as both the trucks it would be replacing. E-
One delivered the new truck over a month ahead of schedule. It is built on a
2013 International Workforce 10wheel chassis with a 410 horse power engine
and stability control system that reduces the possibility of a roll over.  
“Cherryfield 423” has a 1250 gallon per minute pump and carries 3000 gallons
of water. Do to the capabilities of engine 423, Cherryfield will still be able to send
the same equipment out of town to assist our neighboring departments but have
a unit left in town to make a response and an initial attack.  Chief Charles Curtis
and Asst. Chief Leroy Tucker have put countless hours into the specifications,
set-up, quotes, and checking on the status of the new unit, along with the help
of the town selectman and the town office, support from the resident, everyone
can be proud of this investment that will last for many years.   You can see more
pictures at
Chassis in progress
Chassis in progress
Body in production
3000 Gallon water tank in production
Ready for lettering
Pulling in to the fire house for the first
Pump training for the crew
Testing swiveling tank dump