Cherryfield Fire Department
Cherryfield, Maine 04622
"The Blueberry Capital of the World"
In the fire service “firefighter down” is the
scariest thing you can hear. It signifies
that one of the men or woman who have
put all fear aside and run full force into
burning buildings Is hurt and is need of
help.......... These are the situations that
most (normal) people run from.
Brad Curtis has been a very active
member of the Cherryfield Fire
Department for most of his life. At 12
years old he starting responding to calls
on a bike or a 4 wheeler (sometimes with
a police escort). He has gone on to
achieve a degree in Fire Science and his
firefighter 1& 2. He has work with the
Milford Maine FD
helping extend his
knowledge. Brad has assisted, and led
the attack on the last few fires in town,
with amazing outcomes. He is always the
first to help, volunteer to run training or
give some advice. His mellow approach
but aggressive response is extraordinary
for even a seasoned firefighter. As a
fellow firefighter it has always been
reassuring to see Brad on scene.
Brad just celebrated his 22 birthday and has been diagnosed with
stage 3 Hodgkin's lymphoma. He has started chemotherapy and
the outlook is promising but he has a long road ahead and will be
out of work for at least the next six months. Brad has always been
the first to help, now we are asking for everyone's help to support
our down firefighter………

Thank You
The members of Cherryfield Fire Department